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What We Offer
Are you like many bands & artists adding your media to digital platforms that promise you the earth?
Yet on top of your space they rack up hidden charges, such as uploading albums/tracks or videos, oh and
charges to play your tracks on a radio station.
Do they promise you 100% royalties that never appear?
Do they actively promote you?
Do you get paid upon any sales direct to you
or do you have to wait?
I bet 95% of you say yes to this!
Well here at Eezy2 we have at last changed all of that, between us our team have well over 50 years experience
in Radio broadcasting, Record Labels, promotion, marketing & sales for unsigned bands & artists.
At Eezy2 you get exactly what it says on the tin, no hidden charges of fees etc.

Promotional Terms
Here at Eezy2 we offer several diffrent ways of cross promoting your music
This includes for pro account users the submition of their tracks/albums to various music stores & other online sites.
We will do this unless otherwise stated by you the user/owner/creator of the said tracks/albums etc.
You agree as the user/owner creator that by joining us as a pro user we Eezy2 have your full permition to post to these stores and various other online sites for promotional purposes only
You also agree that the music you have uploaded to our platform
is owned/created or you have the user rights to do so on behalf of the original creator/owner/composer etc.
Eezy2 have the right to remove any content that breaches any copyright infringements
and remove your account without a refund of any money paid for our platform services.
We also have the right to inform the propper authorities of any said copyright infringements
If you do not wish to have your music submitted to online stores etc or you have any other concerns, please contact us via our contact form.

Our Services
We offer two plans for you to store your music/albums etc.
1) Our basic free plan includes 25mb storage, upload tracks upto 10mb in size & includes basic stats.
2) Our pro plan includes, 1GB storage, upload tracks upto 50mb in size & includes advanced stats plus a pro badge
All of this for just £4.99 month or even better £40 year.
But wait! theres more?
Every user with a pro account has their tracks/albums listened to by Dr Johns Surgery Records team with the possibilty of a label offer.
There is also a high possibility that your tracks/albums will be put forward for airplay on various radio stations globally.

All accounts offer you the choice to add your own sale links to your uploads, so listeners can easily buy your tracks.
We take no commition for this so you get 100% of your fees.

Final Word
Eezy2 are not about finacial gain, we are about helping and promoting talented artists & bands get their foot in the door.
We offer a simple easy to use digital platform for bands & artists run by a very experinced music industy team
But don't take our word for it! join us today & find out for your self?
We are the digital platform that keeps on giving
Dr John & Crew