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To login or register just click on the login register link in the right hand side of the top bar. Alternativly you can click the join now button. You can login or register with a user name and password or use your Facebook account to login with or register.

Creators & Listeners
A creator is an artist or band who wishes to share their music so listeners can discover them, as a creator you can upload and share your music aswell as add your social links and buy your track links.
A listener is someone who wants to discover new music, just like a creator you can add a profile, like, comment and share music as well as buy it. You can also use our PM sytem to message friends.

Adding Friends
You can follow bands, artists or other users on eezy2 it really easy, just like other social networks you search for friends or follow them from one of there music tracks. Once following you will be able to see all there activity plus send your followers/friends personal messages.

Uploading Music
Once loged in you can upload a music track easily by clicking the upload button in the top wright sidebar.

After clicking the upload button you will see the general, metadats & Permissions tabs, this is where you can add an image for your track and add the music track itself. Also add a title and discription for your track, then add a tag E.G genres (rock,pop,edm)
If you are adding a link to sell your track then you can always add how much it is in the discription. There is also a Metadats tab & a permissions tab for more information on your track

General Tab

Metadata Tab

Permissions Tab

Every user gets a profile where you can add a cover pic, profile pic and bio aswell as view notifications, friends & messages. To access your profile and settings just click the round icon top right in the menu bar.

We offer two accounts on Eezy2. Standard which is our free account which is ideal for listeners or creators who dont have musch music to upload. The standard account has limited features and storage. Then we have our pro account which is fantastic for bands and artists who wish to upload lots of thier music tracks and get other features such as more space, advanced stats, a pro badge and more. Pro account is just £9.99 pm or £90.00 per year.


Front End Use
Its pretty self explanitory really but below is a small guide on how to use our front end..

More Help
We hope you found our help files useful and we have tried to cover everything, but if there is something we have missed or your not sure of please contact us by clicking HERE...