To access your profile and settings click the icon next to your name in top right of the main menu.

A drop down menu appears with several options for you to choose from.

You can also access profile and other links from the quick links menu in the left hand side bar.

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First access your profile settings by clicking on your icon in top right menu and choose profile tab.


Next click on change profile photo. Then click on select your file to upload a photo or optionally click on take a photo which will use your devices camera to add an image.



To change cover image follow the same steps as above but instead click on change cover image.

you can use any sized image but we recommend a minimum size of 800 x 100 to avoid blurred or stretched images. Larger images you will have the option to crop.

Category: Profile

Click your icon in top right menu and choose profile.



Once in your profile you will see various settings. click on edit.



You will now see options to edit the various details in your profile.

NAME:  Add your real name or nick name and optional surname.

HOME LIFE:  Add where you live and relationship status etc.

WORK & EDUCATION: Add your work place, skills you want to share & schools or unis attended.

ABOUT ME:  Add birth date, about me, hobbies and website link etc.

Apart from main display name, all options are optional.

Category: Profile

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