Leona Lewis

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2008-11-28
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Video Length: 4:50

Music Video


  • WOW - Just incredible

    By "Mole"
    I've allways liked the song,but the day i heard Leona's version it took it to another level,and i couldn't wait for the video. It's fantastic,she looks and sounds incredible,it's the one song and video that has really got to me in recent times. I'm writing this now on the 6/2/2013 after first seeing it the day it was released,28 Nov 2008, and nothing has bettered it yet in my opinion, just mindblowing, by Smoot
  • Just absolutely beautiful and out of this world....

    By Cynthiango87
    Leona is queen of live singing... I remember listening to this song for the first time on X factor and.... it was beautiful beyond words could describe.... Leona's powerful singing and angelic voice touched my soul and held my breath till the last second.... just beautiful.... this is my top favourite song ever and always will be... Leona is the Queen of my heart.... and pls never change, pls keep blowing us away with your unique gift!!!! Its time to get some real classic everlasting music like we used to have, its just too much dance cheap and commercial shallow fast food music these days...
  • Breathtakingly spectacular !!

    By Warhamsta40
    Leona Lewis take a bow, absolutely spectacular cover version of snow patrols hit. I thought their version was brilliant BUT miss lewis takes the song to a whole new dimension ! Outstanding !!! 
  • run

    By Daf180
    brilliant song. brilliant video
  • Run

    By adz6784
    Love this song so much,I think it makes u imagine so many things in your head,great video and amazing powerful voice,makes me fill up when i hear this song(in a good way).worth every penny this song and video. Adam in ncl xxx

    By maggie simpson0987654321
    Leona Lewis has a fantastic voice which can light up a room that's the reason i gave her five star but if she didn't have such a powerful voice I would give her 0 stars without a secod thought I recommend buying the song but not the video because it's just a waste of money unless you want to watch a person walk around for the whole clip, be my guest buy it if not than buy the song and let your imagination run wild and make up a better music video, at least you'll only have to pay 79 p for it
  • Good

    By Lady GaGa Extreme Lover
    I love leona Lewis and I well in truly love her new song I got u
  • Leona Lewis Pritty

    By mr Toni Tiger
    Good Video and song worth the money
  • My fave song

    By Kon’El
    I didn't know it was a cover when I first heard it and after hearing Snow Patrol's version I have to say it's nothing campared to Leona. I love this song and the video is great.
  • beautiful...

    By Miss Dopply
    don't listen to anyone who says this is "another bland x factor cover" and she is "warbling". this is a beautiful and emotional song, and with her angelic voice it is an absolutely fantastic cover.

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