Beautiful Liar

Beyoncé & Shakira

  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Release Date: 2003-04-28
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Video Length: 3:27

Music Video


  • Hmmm

    By >BritneyLoveGaga<
    Beyonce kills it!

    By chaza972
    Shakira is the best! No one can match her and Beyonce not bad either. Fantastic song, great dancing, what more can i say...
  • Beyonce is wasted on this

    By arkarok
    Shame such a talented lady like Beyonce wastes herself in hype and nonsense, please get back to making good music, not complaining about how she looks, but that does get a bit "look at me im gorgeous" by the end of this repetitive record

    By Dany b cfc1967
    Flamin hell £1.89 for a music video. For gods sake iTunes your Robbers who expect us to pay that for a video. PS 99p for a song Get real
  • Sexy girls, okay song, silly music video

    By polyxena11
    I like these two artists and the song is okay but what is up with all the humping and gyrating, especially at the end against the wall? It's a bit silly...we all know that they're sexy and fit but it's a bit embarrasing to watch. Maybe buy the song but not the music video.
  • Amazing

    By Azharul, big fan of Mariah
    I beyonce beyonce I Shakira Shakira Just a beautiful liar. Love it love it.
  • cool video

    Loved the video. Buying This As I Speak! Cool! xxx
  • great song, even better video

    By Janey M
    beyonce and shakira.... need i say more lol
  • brill Brill

    By juicie
    I luv the song and the vid keep going girls !!!! :-)
  • Well....

    By good music finder
    Whilst these girls are excellent singers, the music industry is now just choosing attractive young people who can hold a note, and then forgetting about them, and moving onto the next attractive people who can hold a note. It's coming out in everthing! Look at the video. Doesn't matter about the performance, as long as you can see their bodies! Whereas videos like "Thriller" and "Hit me baby one more time" are cult classics. this kind of thing will be forgotten in two weeks! It's the same with the artists. As good as they may be, "designer" bands and singers are soon forgotten. Get yourselves better managers and agents girls, and you'll become one of the legends. Because you aren't just attractive, you can sing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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